Cutting Edge Technology

The EazyCut is the perfect solution for the pruning and harvesting of flowers, plants and herbs. The EazyCut combines a competitive price with high savings on labour costs. The main properties in short:

  • Perfect cutting result, year after year (self sharpening knife).
  • Powerful engine (2-stroke) with integrated ventilator.
  • Large collection bag, 100% collection of cuttings.
  • Light weight, flexible usage, maintenance free.
  • Many versions, practical frames and accessories.
shopping cart engels
  • eazycut-1600
  • eazycut-cutting-result
  • eazycut-lanz-table
  • eazyframe
  • EC500E-frame


Pot & Tray


Pot & Tray

New is the affordable cutter for young plants, with which you always get your cuttings on the desired length! Read more

Hand Held EazyCut

Trimming Handheld easycut

Eazycut Systems

The EazyCut trimming machines are world renowned for their top trimming quality and high cost savings.

Read More

Floor systems & special solutions

Floor Systems

Trimming Floor Systems easycut

Floor Systems

These trimming systems have been developed for the trimming of all cultures which are grown on or into the ground. Read More

Special Trimming Solutions

Trimming Solutions easycut eazycut

Special Trimming Solutions

Innovative, tailor made solutions like mobile or stable table trimming, hanging solutions and root trimmers. Read more

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